We are the ASIC HUB. Since we always feel that there should be a common platform where ideas related to Latest ASIC Technology are easy to explore and easy to exchange. So, it urges us to inscribe all our knowledge related to these permanently somewhere, which finally gives birth to our maiden blog, ASIC HUB.

ASIC HUB launched on April 2014. It basically contains ideas, real time problems and basic information etc. related to Usual and Latest Technological stuffs those are happening in the fast-changing world for the Tech Geeks in the field of ASIC. Various articles related to ASIC Verification, Basic System Verilog, and Verification Methodologies for both ASIC Engineers from industry as well as beginners in the ASIC field presented in a very straight forward way with concrete solutions.

Our main focus is to provide a common platform to share ideas in the field of ASIC.  So I P.S.Patra and my co-author P.Dodiya welcome the ideas, articles, problems etc. from you. We seek to present grass root level ideas, handy solutions, hints & useful resources that modern web professionals, blog followers from ASIC field will appreciate. This is what this blog is all about, sharing knowledge and helping others by providing this common platform, no matter what level they are at. Our ultimate goal is to prove the statement "LEARN FROM OTHERS AND LET OTHERS LEARN FROM YOU".

Also, we welcome suggestions and information from industry experts across the Verification community, providing best practices and ideas for Better Verification Performance, Protocol Debug, Methodology, Verification Planning, Coverage management and Ease-of-use.

We the ASIC HUB welcome your valuable thoughts, comments or feedback about the contents of our blog.

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